Beginner & Intermediate Muay Thai (16 years +)

Muay Thai is known as the science of eight limbs. In this beginners program you will learn all the basic techniques of Muay Thai and  develop the ability to deliver power punches, kicks, knees and elbows from all angles. You will also learn the basics of the Muay Thai clinch. Our focus will be on fundamentals and their application in technical sparring but we will also work on strength and cardio since both are needed to improve your Muay thai skills and level.

Advanced & Competition Team Muay Thai (16 years +)

To join this program you will need the coaches' approval and you will have to be advanced in basic Muay Thai techniques as well as have a good cardio. The training will cover the most advanced and complicated Muay Thai techniques and will also include full contact sparring for people who desire to compete in amateur and professional tournaments and fights. 

Youth Muay Thai (14 yrs +)

The Junior Muay Thai program's goal is to introduce young boys and girls to this martial art by teaching them basic techniques like stance, footwork, basic punching, kicking and kneeing as well as stretching techniques. Progams like this one develop not only martial arts skills but also overall fitness, focus, discipline, respect, teamwork and self-confidence. There is a possibilty of competeing in kids tournaments but only after achieving a certain level and with coaches' and  parents' agreement.

Adult / Youth Boxing (14 yrs +) 

Our Adult / Youth Boxing program is for learning the basics of modern Olympic Boxing with an emphasis on conditioning. Olympic Boxing is a perfect way of learning highly effective self-defence skills and getting you in good physical shape at the same time. Boxing is not only challenging physically but also mentally as it is commonly called the “science” of striking. Thus, Boxing helps you to improve yourself mentally and physically, pushing your limits every training session. Although fighting and sparring is not required, testing your limits and going beyond them is. Boxing workouts are one of the best workouts for constant improvement.