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Adult Boxing Program (18 yrs +) 

Our Adult Boxing program is for learning the basics of modern Olympic Boxing with an emphasis on conditioning. Olympic Boxing is a perfect way of learning highly effective self-defence skills and getting you in good physical shape at the same time. Boxing is not only challenging physically but also mentally as it is commonly called the “science” of striking. Thus, Boxing helps you to improve yourself mentally and physically, pushing your limits every training session. Although fighting and sparring is not required, testing your limits and going beyond them is. Boxing workouts are one of the best workouts for constant improvement.

Youth Boxing Program (12-17 years old)

Our Youth Boxing program is for ages 12 to 17 – This high school aged class is designed to help Youth improve their physical fitness, coordination, confidence and discipline. The discipline that is involved in boxing helps them give the best of themselves in all aspects of their lives. The goal is not only to help them reach their full athletic potential, but also to mature into responsible adults who know the value of hard work.

NEW - Kids Boxing Program (7 -11 years old)

Discover our new Boxing class designed specifically for children aged 7 to 11! Boxing is more than just a sport; it's an opportunity for your kids to build self-confidence, discipline, and physical fitness, all while staying safe. Our team of qualified instructors ensure that each session is tailored to the age and skill level of every child, guaranteeing a secure and enjoyable environment. Give your children the chance to grow while having fun and learning essential life skills. Join us today!

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